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Jada Pinkett-Smith brought herself to the Red Table after August Alsina confessed in a recent interview that he was in a relationship with the Mrs.Pinkett-Smith.

Jada and Will sat at the table to discuss their relationship that’s been swarmed by rumored for years. The two address the relationship that took place between August Alsina and Pinkett-Smith.

The Fresh Prince super-star came to the table because he claims nothing was “specifically said” in regards to their personal relations.

Jada talks about going through difficult times. The two admitted to separating for a period of time to help find herself. She explains this was the time that she, “got into an entanglement, with August”. She explains that she felt like she needed healing.

Will stated he felt like the ” husband at the press conference” and sticking by Jada through all her transgressions at The Red Table.

The two laughed about the experience, that they claim happened years ago. Smith mentions that he thought he wouldn’t speak to Jada ever again. He also stated he’s going to get her back, but Pinkett-Smith said he already did.

Will said, ” I told you the first year we were married”. Jada asks, “What you tell me?”. “That I can love you through anything”, he says to her.

“We ride together, we die together, bad marriage for life”.

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