In today’s episode of “what are we teaching our youth”, Twitter is publicly shaming a young girl who thought Tom Joyner was white.

After a past clip of Tom Joyner jamming out to a Fantasia performance in his then studio resurfaced social media, one user commented saying “the white man is literally me every time I listen to fantasia.”

Even though she tweeted this around 4:30 in the morning, Black Twitter caught the tweet and are shocked at the lack of knowledge on The Fly Jock. Tom Joyner started to become a trending topic when people reacted to her not having a “real” childhood and wondering where “we” go wrong as a community.

She later tweeted that she knew who the famous radio jock was, but not what he looked like saying, “I’m sorry Tom (sad face emoji) I knew your voice but not your face! My mistake, you’re a legend!”

This comes after he also trended in May after fans on Twitter were missing The Tom Joyner Morning Show and his signature theme song on their drives to work and school.

Check out what Twitter had to say about her assumption.







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