MySpace Randomly Trends On Twitter, Folks Remember The Good Ole Days

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Since being on lockdown due to COVID-19, there have been a lot of random things trending on Twitter. MySpace is now the latest topic to come out of nowhere.

Before there was Twitter, there was this fantastic social media platform called MySpace. Like BlackPlanet, MySpace gave each user a page to call their own and allow ed them to use their amateur coding skills to spruce it up with things like scrolling marquees, music players, and custom backgrounds.

Friends would stop by and leave messages on your wall or at the time WSHH honey videos to let you know you paid a virtual visit. The most important feature, of course, had to be your friend’s list in which users could either opt to highlight your favorite buddies on the platform by including them in your top 8 list. If you didn’t want to leave anyone out, you were eventually allowed to push that number up to 40. But who in the hell really had 40 best friends on Myspace?

Last but certainly not least, we all miss Tom, the man who created Myspace, who is instantly your first friend when signed up and created your page. No one’s online photo is more popular than his.

Those were the good ole days indeed, no hot takes, canceling, trash opinions, conspiracy theories. Just a ridiculous race to rack up as many friends as you possibly could for no reason whatsoever. Take a trip down memory lane with Twitter about the Myspace wave in the gallery below.

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