Just like any other car, Mercedes Benz B also requires proper servicing and repair from time to time. If that is not done then your vehicle will suffer a lot of wear and tear and it can also reduce the resale value of the vehicle. You must choose a Mercedes service in Montclair that is certified and that adheres to all the required elements that are listed according to the model year and the make of the Mercedes. Companies such as west coast auto provide high-quality Mercedes service in Montclair according to the service sheet of the company’s maintenance systems in Southern California.

Service requirement of Mercedes Benz B vehicle —

For a used vehicle, you will have to determine the vehicle maintenance duration for yourself or on the recommendation of your servicing agent. There is no surety or exact timetable for servicing of the used vehicle as the condition of the vehicle that you purchase is not sure. But for a new vehicle Mercedes defines a perfect timetable for servicing the vehicle. The first visit or servicing of your B class Mercedes is usually scheduled at 20,000 miles or after 1 year of the previous servicing. After that, you can do servicing at an interval of one more year approximately. This time interval is for vehicles that are made after 2009. For the vehicles that are built after the year 2015 the service specifications by Mercedes is quite different.

Services performed – There are many authorized companies for Mercedes service in Montclair. Some of them also provide yearly or 5 yearly contracts with the vehicle owners at a reasonable price. Doing an AMC ensures additional guarantee from the servicing company and it is much more reliable and you must opt for it as compared to single one-time servicing. Usually, a well-servicing company would provide —

  • Replacement of synthetic motor oil
  • Brake fluid exchange
  • Replacement of oil filter
  • Changing the cabin dust and combination filter
  • Checking and correcting all the fluid levels
  • Correction and tire inflation check.
  • Brake component inspection
  • Resetting the maintenance counter
  • Choose a reliable service company for your Mercedes Benz B class.

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