A Florida man is lucky to be alive after he hopped on the hood of his ex-girlfriend’s car as she sped down the highway. According to Local 10, Junior Francis needed to use their shared Mercedes at the same time the mother of his child Patresha Isidore needed the car. Isidore beat Francis to the vehicle, so the father of one jumped on the hood to prevent her from leaving.

“She turned the engine on, dropped it in reverse and turned,” Francis said. “That’s when things took a turn.”

A fellow driver, Daniel Midah, recorded the scene as he was driving alongside them. He recalled the couple speaking through their cellphones during the tense moments.

“All I was thinking is, this guy is going to slide off and hit me, slide off the other side or if anything, he is going to slide down and she is going to hit him, and then she is going to crash into somebody else,” Midah said.

Francis called 911 dispatchers from the hood, pleading for assistance, “She’s swerving the car and I’m on top of the car. I really need help.”

The horrific incident came to an end in West Key Park, when Francis managed to take the key out of the ignition of the car. Although Francis didn’t want to press charges against his baby’s mother, Isidore was arrested by Lauderhill police and charged with crimes against a person exposing them to harm. She was later released from jail.

TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee Yesterday, we posted a video of a man riding on the hood of a car on Interstate 95. Many were wondering what the hell led to that, and let’s just say both parties were way too pressed over little ole’ Mercedes Benz! ___________________________________ According to local 10, Junior Francis, the victim, said he needed the car from his ex girlfriend, Patresha Isidore, but sis needed the car as well. They both own the car but Patressha beat him to it. ___________________________________ Junior said he jumped on the hood of the car outside of their home to keep Patresha from leaving, but clearly sis was dippin’ with him on the car. “She turned the engine on, dropped it in reverse and turned,” he said. “That’s when things took a turn.” Authorities said that Patresha needed the former couple’s car so she could pick up their daughter from a family member’s home. ___________________________________ Junior said the car was going about 70 mph. “All I was thinking is, this guy is—Read More At TheShadeRoom.com

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