Rhythm & Blues is The Force of the Delta

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The Delta has let it be known loud and clear that it just can’t get enough blues and the Legendary Blues Committee and Delta Force 3 Radio Network; “know as the Rhythm & Blues “Force of the Delta” and in it’s 34th year of operation as a black owned ratio network are heeding the call and is proud to once again present the 7th Annual Arkansas-Mississippi Legendary Blues Festival.

The Legendary Blues Festival has offered more than 20,000 blues lovers the sounds of blues artist such as:  Bobby Rush, Rudy RayMore (Dolemite), J Blackfoot, Bar-Kays,Rufus Thomas, Little Biscuit, Surface, Wilson Meadows, Sheba Potts Wright, Carl Sims, Sir Charles Jones, Mel Waiters, Grammy Nominee, Shirley Brown, Denise LaSalle,Latimore, Sweet Angel, Sir Charles Jones, Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes, Billy Soul Bonds, Ms Jody, Vic Allen.

History of the Blues: “The Mother of American Music – The Blues

The origins of the blues are not unlike the origins of life. For many years it was sung and recorded from memory and only passed on live and in person.  The Blues were born in the Northern Mississippi Delta from the crossroads of Highway 61 and 49, and to the platform of the Clarksdale Railway Station following the Civil War.

The Original type of blues were lyrics and sounds bored from the heart and soul of itinerant black men from the Mississippi Delta region. Influenced by African roots, field hollers, ballads, church music and rhythmic dance tunes called jump-ups evolved into music for a singer who would engage in a 12 bar vocal repetition known as, call-and-response with his guitar.  Sometimes they would include harmonica and a piano. Artists that typify this style include; Charley Patton, Eddie J. “Son” House, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters.  Read more about the history of the Blues at: (Approach link as a sponsor ??)

The blues have strongly influenced almost all popular music including jazz, country and rock and roll and continues to help shape music worldwide known as the Mother of American music, the blues has transcended all racial, ethnic and socio-economic groups.  Each year, thousands of people support blues concerts in Mississippi (Greenville), in Arkansas (Helena, Little Rock and Pine Bluff) and Memphis, TN and they still want more.

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