The LED sign is an alternative for those of you who want to advertise your business or just mark your place. Uses LED signs are now more widely used for advertising facilities in cities or public places. The reason is LED signs have a more interesting visual because LED signs can also display the video. However, before purchasing a LED sign, you must know some aspects that must be considered first, such as the basic color of the LED. It is this basic color that plays a role in conveying the content or meaning of the displayed advertisement. In selecting a LED sign, you can select one of several basic colors, such as black, red, blue, yellow, and white. LED sign with these colors can be found at

How to Choose Your LED Sign’s Background?

To get an impressive and visually visible view of your LED sign board you need to choose the right background color that can be easily seen and you can easily find out the message. Background color serves as your message tone control and helps you to convert it into context. provides various types of LED signs with a variety of attractive base colors. Some basic colors of LED signs available at are:

  • Black: The background black background is most useful for catching the eye. Letters and shapes will look more prominent in black. When choosing black for your background, make sure your text has a size large enough so that it will look more clear.
  • White: The white background can convey the concept of the message content on the board. White is also a versatile color. A white background can be combined with blue, orange, and red text.
  • Red: The red background can be used for advertising or something that needs attention. Its striking color can prompt people to pay attention to what is on the board. The red background is perfectly combined with white, black, or yellow text. This can give the impression of being flashy and easy to read.
  • Yellow: yellow is a bright and warm color. Like red, yellow can also be used on things that require attention. Suitable colors combined with yellow backgrounds are red, green, and orange.
  • Blue: The blue background is one of the backgrounds that implies depth. The background color is suitable to be combined with other colors such as white.

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