Why Should I Advertise with Force 3 Radio?

Your growth is dependent on reaching new markets and new prospects. There are a limited number of consumers who are in the market to buy your products and services at any given time and a seemingly unlimited number of competitors who are trying to attract them. You must seize every practical opportunity to broaden existing markets and develop entirely new ones.

Extended Reach

Radio extends your advertising reach.  The growth of your business is dependent on reaching new markets and new prospects.

Targeted Advertising

Radio targets your advertising to reach your very best customers and prospects.


Radio ensures that your prospects are hearing your advertising message enough times to fully understand and respond to it.

Reach New & Loyal Customers

Radio reaches current customers and new prospects wherever they are –at home, at work, and at play.

Influence Behavior

Radio makes consumers want to buy your products and services.

Establish Relationship

Radio not only generates one time sales, but also helps you establish a special relationship with consumers.

Make Strong Impressions

Radio helps you make a strong, favorable, and lasting impression with your customers.

Unlock Market Potential

Radio unlocks your maximum market potential.

Force 3 Radio Network offers the most cost effective way to reach and influence people to buy your products and services. Give us a call now at (870) 572-9506!

Force 3 Radio Network offers the most cost effective way to reach and influence people to buy your products and services. Give us a call now at (870) 572-9506!

How Far Does Delta Force 3 Radio Network Reach?

Check Out the Programming & Audiences for Your Message

Urban Contemporary Music

This format combines the very best pop sound with the best in Rhythm, Blues, and Jazz. This musical format appeals to the largest listening audience in this area. Approximately 62% of the broadcast market in Eastern Arkansas and 70% of the Northwestern Mississippi market listen to this format.

Urban Music

Force 3 is on the cutting edge of playing the hottest and newest music of today’s Hip Hop and Soul Artists. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show airs from 5:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. every weekday morning.

Blues Music

Delta Force 3 Radio Network is located in the heart of the Delta, the home of the Blues. For 20 years Delta Force 3 has aired the Saturday Morning Fish Fry, a six hour music show that is an audience favorite, featuring the music created in this region, the Blues.

Gospel Music

Delta Force 3 is in the middle of the Bible Belt and we recognize this by dedicating our Sunday broadcast to Gospel music and religious programming. Our Gospel music features national, regional and local singing groups. Force 3 offers several opportunities to reach the Gospel audience with All Gospel Sunday.

Sunday Programming

Our Sunday programming includes live broadcasts from local churches and commentary from local religious leaders. Our Sunday programming also includes public affairs features, and interviews with public, civic, social and community leaders.

Extend Your Reach with Online Advertising

The same principles above also apply to the internet. Advertising your business on this website will give your business a one-two punch combining the power of radio and internet. Your product, service, or event now has the potential to reach a worldwide audience utilizing a cross media approach. This ensure maximum exposure of your product to the audience. Our website offers text, graphic, and video advertising to meet your needs.

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